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05 Feb

We are fun-loving boys and you'll have a great time with us in your family. Hi, I'm Perla and I am about 2 years old, a Pug mix female. Until early Dec., I lived in Puerto Rico; after the devastating hurricanes life was much harder.

I am loving and enjoy being petted, but there has been a lot of change in my life recently, and I will definitely need a few weeks time in my new home to realize that my life is settled again.

It'd be nice if the pair of us could stay together since we've lost everything we've known since we were kittens.

They said I was house trained and crate trained when they brought me to the SPCA, but I definitely need work on my potty habits.

I am friendly and give as many kisses as I can, all over your face, as long as I can.

I am a tiny gal with a snub nose and lots of red ticking on my legs. As an outside only dog, and in particular a beagle, I'll need plenty of patience when it comes to house training.