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27 Jan

La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Lyon (CCI)propose une grande diversité de services individuels ou collectifs destinés à vous aider àentreprendre une activité et/ou à développer votre entreprise.Now export this to SWF and save it in the infoview portal.Create the WEBI Report The steps to create the WEBI Report is fairly simple.Combine them in the dashboard Now log on to Info View and create a new Corporate Dashboard.Drag your “Provider” and “Consumer” analytics onto the dashboard. This can be done by setting the properties of the Provider analytic.

One of the common requests I have found on the BOB board relates to how can we link WEBI/CR reports with XCelsius dashboards.The common scenario is where we are showing some summary information in an XCelsius dashboard and I want to show some related detailed report using WEBI or CR on the same dashboard.Choose the Provider analytic as the “Source Analytics”, and Consumer as the “Target Analytics” as shown below.XCelsius to WEBI/CR linking An XCelsius dashboard used as a source document for Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence has to be configured with the FS Command connectivity.In the properties of the combo box I have set the combo to read the current selection from a cell.