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14 Feb

Do, however, expect them to be strong-minded and independent.

This non-hierarchical approach to decision-making obviously doesn’t work everywhere.

I recently spoke with a Swedish manager who has tried to bring in an open-door policy at his office at an Asian car company, actively encouraging his employees to share their opinions or raise problems.

Plus summers in Sweden can be glorious – summer nights are long throughout the country and you even get the midnight sun up north – and many of the beaches are fantastic.

Even the far north, where the mercury can plummet to -40°C in the winter, can get hot.

But his employees won’t speak up because in their company culture pointing out mistakes is taboo.In Sweden, the open-door policy usually isn’t needed because managers share an open-plan office with their employees.I recently had a meeting to plan for another meeting, which was itself preparation for the main meeting. All these meetings may seem unnecessary and inefficient to the outsider, but they are part of Sweden’s consensus culture.