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15 Feb

The stone flags were to stop illegal excavation and sale of the soil for fertiliser: it contained the mass graves of some 40,000 paupers.It’s painstaking compilation work, without which we have only anecdotes, not statistics.Little more than a century ago, this part of Manchester, then the powerhouse of the industrial revolution, was as near to hell on earth as you are likely to get in peacetime.It stayed put, so now a collection of listed buildings, one of them as recent as 1962, fills 20 acres.It is, says the Co-op, the largest regeneration site in Manchester.

At the end of Dantzic street was a stone-flagged area that became a playground in the 1880s (LS Lowrypainted it as Britain at Play in 1943).Lowry was born in 1887 and began painting seriously in 1905.Bryan Ward-Perkins’ Everything you always wanted to deduce from pots …

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