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20 Jan

we never got see Habaek's full pontential we wanted to see his power , wanted to see him transform Shin Se-Kyung into his bride.....

The ending was rushed and all resolution, I felt were crammed in one episode.

They just abandoned his acting skill with lack of editing, bad music, terrible execution, exaggerating cinematography. Yet, I felt Nam delivered better than much of the cast.he came off just funny to me. And the lead actress' as a doctor looks completely hopeless. i really liked the title which made the drama interesting because the title reminded me of kamisama (for anime lovers) but it actually didn't met my expectations.

I mean she aint the only one who looks awkward in this drama. the water god was not portrayed justifiably in terms of his powers.

nam joo hyuk's acting skill also suck in this drama(i never see him over acting in his previous drama) he also awkward but why yall kept on pointing and blaming SSK for this? THEY ONLY MADE ME THINK FUNNILY THAT YOU CAN SURVIVE IN SOUTH KOREA WITH NO MONEY.

Visually he’s really shed the kid brother look as confirmed in the latest menswear pictorial that has him decked out in various fitted and dapper looks.

I hope he continues picking great project, and even if it’s got low ratings at least the role challenges him.

I honestly never read the manhwa so my expectation of the drama must not be bigger than the fans but still.... All in all, I can't understand why she became the bride when she was just a servant. I first started to listen to the song and I already in love with it.

Until yesterday, I just finish watching the drama straight 3 days (ofcourse exclude time to sleep, eat, work). To point out, first of all, I'm not a kdrama addict.

The movie actually not logic at all yet i still love to watch the romance part. So, obviously speaking, I don't have a "bias" actor/actress.

Everyone was new to me when I started watching this drama(never read the book of this either). The characters were portrayed well by every actor/actress.