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21 Jan

But this alone does not explain the robust growth of the Amish church as a whole. Amish Education prepares youths for the Amish Life The custom of speaking only their German dialect, commonly referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch, at home creates a strong identity bond among the Amish people.

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Amish traditions are dictated by the Ordnung, an unwritten set of rules. Well, the Ordnung is truly a living and breathing guideline for Amish customs.

Each individual church regularly reviews and if needed, revises their Ordnung to handle changing circumstances.

See also folk, facts and sayings about October Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields.Dating from the 19th century, the Pearly Kings & Queens are a much-loved Cockney tradition.Once carved the children would go out in groups and march through the streets, singing traditional ‘punky’ songs, calling in at friendly houses and competing for best lantern with rival groups they meet.