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16 Feb

“When we were eating breakfast, she seemed distant,” says River.We have a lifetime of reminiscences and nostalgia to sift through. He'd recently fallen in love and they'd announced their plans for a New Years Eve wedding at the top of the ski lift at Heavenly at Lake Tahoe. But, in mid-December, an event burst into my life that rattled my heavyhearted cage. “I’m trying to figure out if there’s another guy or something I should be worried about?” Vallem comforted him, saying there is no one he should worry about, but looked off into the distance feeling pangs of guilt.

Hang out at places where your future partner might go. Practice: start talking to the members of your sexual preference in the check-out line at Whole Foods Market.

After all, who - but Star Trek - has the courage "to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before"?

Grey divorce has challenges that a younger divorce doesn't have: potential step-family of adult children, body changes, and a lifetime of memories.

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