Itemupdating event handler sharepoint 2016

01 Feb

After the changes are saved you can activate the event handler again by executing the Enable Event Firing method on the list item.

In that case you can wrap your update code in the following construct: I’m Karine Bosch and currently I’m working as Share Point Solution Architect for Recomatics, a company located in Destelbergen near Ghent.

Previously I worked as a Premier Field Engineer for Share Point @ Microsoft Belgium.

In our case we have registered the following Receiver Definition with the list- Let’s investigate the code for register Remote Event Handler – Since this a Before Event (as explained in one of the earlier post “”), we need to write the Code in “Process Event” Method.

Step 1 is to check the type of Event that triggers this Event Receiver by making use of “SPRemote Event Type” Enum and “Event Type” Property of the “SPRemote Event Properties” object Step 2 is to check the List Title by making use of “Item Event Properties” collection of “SPRemote Event Properties” object and ensure that we are handling Delete Events received only from a specific which in our case is “Products” Step 3 is to check for the desired condition and if satisfied then set “Error Message” and “Status” properties exposed by “SPRemote Event Result” object.

It also allows to modifiy the values in the system columns lik Created By (internal name Author), Modified By (internal name Editor), Modified and Created.To avoid that a list item event handler is triggered again and again and again, you have to prevent the event handler from firing before you update changes to the list item.Allow Unsafe Update is a property on the SPSite and SPWeb objects.You can set it to true to avoid security validation before the changes are written to the content database.In this case we have set a user friendly message and set status to “Cancel With Error”.