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02 Feb

“In order to tackle this issue, governments need better data on adolescents, strategies for HIV prevention, and adolescent-specific laws and policies,” says Shirley Mark Prabhu, HIV Specialist for UNICEF East Asia and Pacific.“I’ve never hidden it, and I didn’t have any trouble at school – most of my friends are gay or transgender, and my teachers liked me because I worked hard.My mum wasn’t happy at first, but she’s come to accept it.” Nest met his first boyfriend online in 2010 when he was 14, through a video chatting site.In China, UNICEF is reaching out directly to young gay men via the apps they use to hook up.On World AIDS Day 2014, UNICEF worked with UNAIDS and Chinese gay dating app Blued to add a red ribbon next to every user’s profile picture.

“Paying for sex is not unusual, as the apps have also opened up new avenues for prostitution.

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