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01 Feb

Over the next decade telecommunications will take centre stage as the way that we live, interact with our family and friends and the things around us changes faster than at any time in history.Tony Newstead, who died on 6 November 2017, was a pioneering figure in Australian and worldwide telecommunications network planning, as well as in Australian trad jazz as both a trumpeter and early bandleader.This obituary attempts to do justice to his career in both fields.Drawing from regulatory and policy documents, the focus is on broad trends, central policy objectives and major players involved in Canada’s telecommunications infrastructure.A look at Hong Kong broadband -- low barriers to entry, aggressive competition, low network build costs, and innovative marketing.

The book is a warts-and-all account that describes many undesirable aspects of “Silicon Valley culture”.

While the book is overly self-indulgent, it could valuably be read by policy makers interested in start-ups and business culture.