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18 Jan

The actual stuff I do is pretty much the same, but in terms of the rapport that I'm building, I feel that's accelerated.

"I'm always bummed out when I look at my call sheet and I see [regular] point-of-view," says Corvus. If anything it's relaxing, like a porno spa day for me. Traditional POV shoots are annoying, because it's even more of a tease and annoyance for me."I mean, I get to be more hands on, but I have to think about so much more, like not bumping the camera man who is breathing down my neck."The experience of performing within virtual reality can be entirely different to filming traditional 2D video, perhaps even distracting."It's harder shooting VR," says Daniel Abramovich, co-founder and CEO of VR Bangers."For the male actor that is behind the camera, they're used to being free and doing whatever they need to do in the movie.

Here they basically just stand and can't move to do anything to move the camera.""It's really hard for them to shoot.

If you want to make content in VR you'll need a suitable camera rig – usually expensive – space to house it, the know-how to use it, the skills to edit the footage, and then a way to distribute it.

You also need to ensure that the content will work across the Gear VR platform, as well as with the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

"In [VR] porn, it's a little bit different to when you're shooting regular landscape films or any video, because the people are so close to you."VR Bangers was the first website in the world that allowed users to stream VR pornographic content, until Pornhub started doing the same a few weeks ago.If you have a Google Cardboard you can watch the videos without installing specialist software, although a lot of the content is still restricted to 480p videos that aren't incredibly immersive.This article explores the developments in online pornography, its cultural and social implications, the transformations that have occurred the genre, as well as the challenges that all this poses for scholarly investigation and public debate."The lack of eye contact makes [the performer] appear distant for a sexual encounter – but there is also something sexy about that," says male porn performer Xander Corvus, "in the way a glory hole is sexy."Virtual reality is changing pornography.Heart isn't using point-of-view, but uses the VR camera to create a more intimate setting."I love the interactive part of it," she says."With 2D I don't have to worry about my angles as much – I don't have to suck it in," she jokes.