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28 Jan

Of course, she failed to capture the Cooper Gang, but did not miss her chance to arrest the Panda King in compensation of this loss.

Barkley screamed at Carmelita at the top of his lungs, reducing her to tears.

Out of no where a man fell from the air above them; he had been tied up suspended by rope and had a paper bag over his head.

Carmelita removed the bag to find Pierre, the stage manager, with the Diva Diamond around his neck.

Inside the bag, Carmelita found a calling card from Sly Cooper, which revealed the identity of the intruder.

Carmelita then offered her jetpack to him when he went to finish Clockwerk off, and further assisted in the battle by shooting holes within the owl's interior design, allowing Sly to fire in the weak spots that formed as a result.

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