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11 Feb

S, as well as other locations I have yet to identify. He I assume to be my husband in this life, as they share many traits and similarities. What I then experienced was the complete absence of a body, and a euphoria so high that it could not be contained.

It was perceived as a radiating Light, except I was the light and was observing it simultaneously.

This Light was My being, and moved in ripples like water. I saw my father helping my mother, and the voice said: «Feel how they love you!

Her eyes were the most beautiful and sparkly loving eyes I have ever seen like they were perfect.

I thought 'What a weird thing to say' but shortly after started realising why she had chosen to be my niece and why I was her Aunty.

I could see myself sitting in the chair at the table, my head turned away from me-looking towards where my friend was at the sink.

everything was exactly as it really was, the room dimensions, the colors of items, decorations, lighting,sounds.

Meaning : “The peace and mercy of God, should be on you”. Severe auto accident with interesting experience shortly after.

She very maturely told me 'You know why I'm here' I realised she was speaking to me through her eyes, telepathically.

So I was floating above the area where my family and myself had been living for some years. A tropical beach with a sailboat is often what I visualize to relax. I found myself (in my mind - that's the best definition - but in no way imagination, I didn't have the mood to imagine anything! I felt my head and shoulders being pulled up out of my body.

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