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16 Feb

There is a whole sort of Templar induction course, if you like, and one of the things, and the reason why they were finally pulled out by King Philip in France, was to do with this particular heresy. When you’re unhappy, you tend to play up, don’t you? I don’t mind full-frontal nudity if the part requires it. Someone asked me the other day what the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was. Surely baring all in Rome left you slightly red-cheeked? We cut to 800 years later, and we’ve still got arseholes, all over the world, committing atrocities in the name of God, and I’m not just talking about Islamic ones – I’m talking about Christian fundamentalist men and women who shoot, or maim, or bomb the owners of abortion clinics in the United States.You know, in the name of God, and that they will be forgiven in the name of God.

And Templar knights, I did a lot of reading about Templar knights, and I find them fascinating.I find it fascinating that in 1215, you had men that could get away with causing appalling atrocities in the name of God, and their get out of jail free card was that they were doing it in the name of God.The director also seemed to have an eye for detail, for that period. I think he found that bit of information out and went ‘wow’ and then worked backwards from that point. OWF: You can tell that the action is, like you say, at no point does anyone enjoy what they are doing, it is a necessity.Well, Jamie Foreman’s character does a bit, but that’s because he’s a psychopath, you know?I mean you’re trying to work out how he’s going to bring the fucking castle down and he does it by burning pigs, which is absolutely true. His life of violence is coming at a heavy price to him.Do G: I figured it was, because it’s the kind of thing you can’t make up! I think if you are going to make a film about one of the most brutal medieval sieges ever known, then I just don’t understand the point of being light on the violence. It is absolutely integral, and if you are going to hold a mirror up to something, then hold the mirror up and see the reflection of what that is.I loved the story, I thought the story was just a really interesting little tale that I had never heard before. I think as far as violence is concerned - as I’d like to talk about that quickly - I have only seen the movie once, and I don’t find it a glorification of violence, or particularly sexy violence, but I do find, unlike, funnily enough, a lot of those films we were talking about earlier, the violence in this film has consequence.