Who is william mcnamara dating

15 Feb

My Mom and I lived out in Los Angeles and one of her close friends was Valerie Perrine....

She was like the Julia Roberts of the seventies and we used to hang out at her house.

She had all these interesting people over all the time.

‘That’s got such a life to it that one would never expect.

Still to this day people email me or message me on Facebook about it.” The film, directed by Ken Olin, also starred a pre-superstardom Jim Carrey as Billy’s older brother who had some problems of his own.

The terror in his eyes from fear of being found out was a scene I think a lot of us who spent time closeted could really relate to.

I shared this with Billy when I met him last week at the premiere party for the new Logo series .

I really can’t print some of the stills but I can provide this link to Kennethinthe212 from a few years back!

Billy still works in smaller movies and TV guest spots but it really seemed like he was poised to be a bigger star in the 90s.

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