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26 Jan

If we put goto / return statement in try / catch block will the finally code execute?

What is the use of IEnumerable, ICollection, Ilist and IDictionary?

What are the generic equivalent for array list, stack, queues and hashtable?

What is the difference between dictionary and hashtable?

Chapter 3: OOPS What is Object Oriented Programming? What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems?

When should we use binary serialization as compared to XML serialization? What’s the difference between abstraction and encapsulation?

Can you mention some scenarios where we can use serialization?

If you create the child class object which constructor will fire first?

What is difference between dataset and data reader? How many ways are there to implement optimistic locking in ADO.

Can you explain connection, command, datareader and dataset in ADO.

What are different kind of validator controls in ASP.

So how can we clean unmanaged objects and also maintain performance?

But when we create a destructor the performance falls down?

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